About Us


Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

ARTSHOES took the first steps in production directly to the international level.

ARTSHOES has reached a dominant position in the leisure, safety, health, riding and motor sports sectors.

Each model is developed and inspired by top quality raw materials, developing its collections exported to various countries.
This is the ARTSHOES root philosophy. We conduct this business and we will take it with us tomorrow.

ARTSHOES produces for the medium / high segment, and success is the result of the passion, determination and work of all employees
Our inspiration is infinite and our customers are always our top priority.

Our mission is the design and development of each customer’s collection, adjusted to the style and personality of each brand. We try to combine in each pair of boots the best choice of materials, the creativity of the design, the passion of the manufacture and the commitment of each worker, for exclusive and totally personalized developments.

Our vision is the development of collections adapted to the taste and identity of each brand, with the highest quality requirements.

Our philosophy is to combine the detailed choice of all materials, the creativity of the design, productive innovation and the passion for what we do, for the wishes of the client.

Quality, delivery time, productive flexibility and ability to use different materials, is our difference.

The main characteristic that distinguishes us from our competitors is the passion, determination, innovation and ability to work of all employees, producing each article as unique, according to the requirements of the client. In addition, all the people working at Artshoes have a high level of knowledge of the industry, as well as the latest innovations in machinery in the industry, which gives us a greater breadth in terms of production.

Our products are simple, elegant, easy to use, charismatic.